WEEK IN REVIEW: Saving Birds and Soaking it up in San Sebastian

We’re gearing up for the busiest season of the year here at GFI, with final decisions being made for the Global Lens 2012 lineup, grant applications under review and continuing DVD releases and Global Lens screenings.

In the midst of all this, it seems that each day brings more great news, important events and unexpected surprises. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately, and what’s in store for the near future:

GFI messenger bag

"Look for the yellow bag!" (Our calling card at festivals)

WHEN IN SPAIN: GFI Founder and Board Chair Susan Weeks Coulter traveled to the San Sebastián International Film Festival, where she met with filmmakers from around the world, saw a few unreleased and extremely impressive new projects, and made some new friends—most memorably after missing the last bus and getting stranded in the rain!

Gaston Kabore

Gaston Kabore

A VISIT TO REMEMBER: We’re very excited about Gaston Kabore’s visit during the Mill Valley Film Festival (Oct. 6-16)! The festival features a tribute to the Burkinabe filmmaker and GFI Film Board member, as well as a screening of Kabore’s Buud Yam (co-presented by the Global Film Initiative). Since most of the filmmakers and board members we work with are very far away, we always love having visitors, and can’t wait to see Mr. Kabore!

All in a day's work.

CALL OF THE WILD: When Syke Christensen, Executive Director of the Ninth Street Independent Film Center, brought in a bird she found on the street outside our office, we swung into action, fashioning a makeshift bed and taking the wounded creature to the Animal Care and Control Center. A follow-up call the next day brought the news that the bird was alive and well, and had been taken to the SPCA Wildlife Rescue Center. Live long and prosper, feathered friend.

Where's Waldo?

OFFICE MAX: Last but not least, the office has some very exciting updates. Most importantly, our Administrative Coordinator, Emma Rae Lierley, has become a full-time staff member! In other news, we got a new lamp that Jeremy quickly befriended and an office chair that gave us the opportunity to make creative use of the box it came in

That’s all for now, folks. Back to business as (un)usual!


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