The Puerto Rico Film Society: Moving the Island One Film at a Time

GFI celebrates the island-launch of Global Lens 2011 and another year with its inaugural Global Lens Partner Program member

It’s been almost two years since SF State cinema-graduate Guillermo Vasquez, and Eunice Soto-Ralat, founded the Puerto Rico Film Society (La Sociedad de Cine de Puerto Rico/SCPR), and as another year of Global Lens opens on the island, we’re proud to say we’ve been a part of their vision since the beginning.

Guillermo Vasquez

SCPR is the inaugural member of our Global Lens Partner Program, which was established in 2009 to support the development of community arts initiatives in the United States and it territories.  At the heart of the program is Global Lens, and participants, like SCPR, use the series as a building-block to connect with local partners in the arts, and create dynamic film exhibitions and educational events.

This year, SCPR is hosting Global Lens 2011 in partnership with the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and the Museum of Art of Ponce, with support from the Puerto Rico Film Commission.  Their exhibition spans the entire island and also Vieques—an island-municipality that, until recently, was used as a bombing-range by the U.S. Navy, and which residents are reinvigorating with arts and culture offerings, such as Global Lens.

Eunice Soto-Ralat (right)

Like many of our partners, Guillermo and Eunice represent the best in visionary thinking when it comes to the arts.  Their goal was to bring a year-round programming to the island diverse as Puerto Rico itself and after launching the SCPR last year with a grand opening of Global Lens, they’ve since worked with a number of our friends (including Film Movement, Sundance and UNICEF), and are reaching that goal.

Click here to watch GFI Director of Programs, Santhosh Daniel, introduce Global Lens 2011 in Puerto Rico!

There’s much more that we can tell you about the Puerto Rico Film Society (including what may be their new home in the historic heart of Old San Juan).  But really, with every film they screen, they move Puerto Rico one step higher and toward a vibrant future based in cinema and community.  We wish them all the best, and if by chance you happen to be on the island—go see Global Lens 2011!

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