(Indie Memphis’s The Name) Our Latest Flame: Global Lens in the Summer!

I’ve never been to Memphis before, but if I had the good fortune of being able to visit this summer, there would definitely be a few things on my must-do list:

1. Like everyone else, visit Graceland, 2. See the ducks parade into the central fountain of the Peabody Hotel, 3. Check out Sun Studio, the birthplace of rock n’ roll, and 4. Head over to the Brooks Museum of Art to catch some Global Lens films.

2011 marks the 5th year in a row that Global Lens has made its way to Memphis, TN, and this would not be possible if not for the tireless efforts of Erik Jambor, Executive Director of the Indie Memphis Film Festival. Back in the early days, the annual Global Lens film series was included as a special sidebar within Indie Memphis’ wonderful weekend festival. But beginning in 2010, Erik expanded the series into a stand-alone summer program, spread out over 3 months at the Brooks, and effectively allowing more folks to enjoy the films.

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How We’ve Missed You: Global Lens Returns to MFA Boston!

Ahhhh, there’s nothing quite like the month of May in Boston. It’s finally warmed up from the snowy winter, and that summer humidity hasn’t yet set in. And this year, May also marks the long-awaited return of Global Lens at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston!

Long-awaited because this is the first time since 2006 that Global Lens has been shown at the MFA! But now thanks to Carter Long, the Museum’s film curator extraordinaire, MFA Boston will showcase Global Lens 2011 with 18 screenings from May 18th to the 29th, beginning today with DOOMAN RIVER and THE INVISIBLE EYE.

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The Twin Cities and Global Lens 2011 — check out the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival!

Spring has arrived, and y’all know what that means — it’s time for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF)! A partner of ours since 2009, the MSPIFF is bringing Global Lens 2011 to the Twin Cities from April 14 through May 5.

Ryan Oestreich (Office and Theater Manager), Jesse Bishop (Programming Coordinator), and all the other fine folks at the Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul work very hard year after year to pack 170 films from around the world into 3 weeks of international and art-house bliss, and we’re always extremely pleased to have Global Lens included in the mix.

Check our calendar for the Global Lens screening schedule at MSPIFF, and if all this talk abut the Twin Cities has got you thinking about twin kitties, then you’re in luck.

Avast, ye! Gasparilla Film Festival and Global Lens 2011!

The [almost] end of winter marks the beginning of Global Lens in Florida! Arrrrr longtime partner, Gasparilla International Film Festival will be showing Global Lens 2011 throughout the spring (opening night film: STREET DAYS!) . The series first touched land here in 2008 and since then, has been helmed by Festival quartermaster, Charles Moore, who has worked annually with GFI to bring the series to Tampa (which, coincidentally is home to another famous event: Gasparilla Pirate Festival)