SPOTLIGHT: It’s All Happening in Portland

It’s like everywhere I turn these days, everything I do, there’s always Portland. For instance, I recently finished this book Wildwood by Colin Meloy. Where was the story set? Portland. Last week a friend of mine forwarded me a clip from this funny show. What was the show about? Portland. I just listened to this great album by Cloetta Paris. Where is her record label located? Portland. There are some really amazing international films touring the country at the moment. Where are they playing? Yeah, you guessed it: PORTLAND.

Specifically, the Northwest Film Center – a longtime screening-partner of ours – will be showcasing Global Lens 2012, beginning Wednesday, July 25, with Tolga Karacelik’s TOLL BOOTH, and running through the end of August. For more than 40 years, the Film Center (which is part of the Portland Art Museum) has been programming foreign, classic, experimental, and independent film year-round through thematic series, special retrospectives, and several annual film festivals. Thanks to the tireless efforts of its wonderful Director, Bill Foster, and its unstoppable Exhibition Program Manager, Ted Hurliman, the Northwest Film Center makes it possible for Portlanders to see new Global Lens films every year. Check our Continue reading SPOTLIGHT: It’s All Happening in Portland