GRANTING: The World is Our Oyster

Thirty-nine nations in the Winter 2013 grant-cycle comprise what could very well be our most diverse group of applicants (and undiscovered cinematic pearls), to date…

We’re at it again, folks; the Global Film Initiative is diving through our first batch of Granting Program applications for the Winter 2013 Granting Cycle for feature film productions, and what an array of projects to behold during this, our tenth year of granting…

This cycle could very well be our most diverse applicant pools, as Asia is now the leader of the pack, taking Latin America’s long-time lead. At the same time, Africa and the Middle East have increased their representation in our Granting Cycle, proving that our applicant pool is becoming more and more regionally diverse!

While we can’t share too many details until grant awards are announced in April, here are a few highlights to wet your appetite:

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FESTIVALS & AWARDS: Berlinale, Rotterdam and Beyond

SO MUCH WATER (Uruguay) and A FOLD IN MY BLANKET (Georgia) @ Berlinale Panorama are just two jewels in a mother lode of GFI films, fests and awards this month….

SO MUCH WATER (Uruguay), GFI grant recipient, premieres at Berlinale!


It’s a new year and our Global Lens films and GFI grant recipients are back in a big way, with screenings all over Europe this month for some of the biggest conferences of world cinema on the globe, at Berlin, Rotterdam and beyond. Without further adieu, here are this month’s headlines:

BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: The Berlin International Film Festival is always host of a wide array of world and European premieres, and this year these premieres include those of six GFI grant recipients—likely our greatest showing at Berlinale to-date!

For those of you attending Berlinale, be sure to catch our grant recipients—from Costa Rica to China—premiering and screening at this year’s festival:

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INDUSTRY: Trends in Global Film, by Way of GFI’s Granting Program

A quick look at the facts, figures and forward movement of our program, after ten years of international film funding…

BUFFALO BOY (Vietnam) was one of four grants we provided to filmmakers when we began our Granting Program almost ten years ago!

Every granting cycle has its own personality, and this Summer’s cycle was no exception (“bad hair,” good politicians—we had it all this round, so read the press release and our blog for the scoop!). But, unlike other cycles, this one also had a bit of “extra” personality…For you see, this year marks our tenth year of awarding grants to filmmakers from around. And oh, how the times have changed…

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GRANTING: GFI Announces Summer 2012 Grant Recipients!

GFI’s newest grant recipients include four projects directed by women, and GFI’s first grants to the Dominican Republic, Guinea-Bissau and Serbia!

(Watch the video to view some production footage of new GFI grant recipient COLORED LIKE THE NIGHT (Dominican Republic)!)

Hear ye, hear ye: Today GFI announced the ten feature length narrative film projects selected to receive production funding in its Granting Program‘s Summer 2012 granting cycle (read the official press release here)! ­­­­

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Simiyu Barasa Bags Two Grants to Make Movies (Nairobi Star)

GFI-supported film, GUERRILLA BOY, receives additional funding before production

(via Nairobi Star) Kenyan filmmaker Simiyu Barasa will be a busy man this year. He has bagged two major grants to shoot two movies. “Yes, I have been awarded a Global Film Initiative grant to film my feature drama film Guerrilla Boy and the Puma Creative Catalyst Award to produce a screener for my feature length film documentary, Charlie Pele. The Global Film Initiative is a California-based organisation that funds films internationally, with great filmmakers like Chris Doyle and Mira Nair on its board. Puma Creative Catalyst Award is an international fund; it is a London-based collaboration between Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation and Puma Creative to fund documentaries in early stages of production to be able to make trailers for their projects. For both funds, you apply through the web,” Simiyu told Word Is.

Winter 2011 Feature-film Production Grants

2009 GFI grant recipient DOOMAN RIVER received the NETPAC Award at the 2010 Pusan International Film Festival.

Thank you to all the filmmakers who sent in applications for our Winter 2011 production grants cycle! We’ve received applications from 23 different countries and look forward to reviewing each submission.

Our Winter 2011 grants cycle is now closed, and grant recipients will be announced in March. For those who missed the January 15th deadline, we will begin accepting applications for our Summer 2011 granting cycle beginning in April. Click here for applications and guidelines!