EDUCATION: International Education Week 2012–Give Your Students an Edge

Our education partners are gearing up for the annual November event, and here’s why it’s time your school joined our ranks…

Take a sneak peek of our IEW 2012 films, including AN INVISIBLE EYE (Argentina) seen here!

At GFI, we really enjoy the art of “giving.” Regardless of whether we’re donating films to high schools, hosting free screenings at public libraries or awarding grants to filmmakers, our goal is to give you access to the best films (and stories) from around the globe.

Enter: your local high school.

This fall, we’re continuing this mission by offering your high school two unique (and free!) ways to bring our award-winning narrative world cinema series–Global Lens–to your classroom during International Education Week (November 12-16–less than two months away!):

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WORLD CINEMA WEEK 2012: Bring New and Award-winning World Cinema to Your Campus or Public Library this Spring!


WORLD CINEMA WEEK 2012 CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE THE WORLD Sign up today to bring Global Lens films to your high school, college, university or public library—March 27th application deadline!

In celebration of World Cinema Week 2012 (April 16-20, 2012), the Global Film Initiative (GFI) is offering you an exclusive opportunity to bring award-winning films from the Global Lens film series to your campus or public library this spring!

Global Lens is a critically acclaimed showcase of narrative feature film from Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, and is available for screening at schools and public libraries during World Cinema Week (WCW).

All high schools, colleges, universities and public libraries are eligible to participate in this offer, and signing up is easy (and free for all high schools!):

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Window to the World: Launching a Foreign Film Series in Edinburg, TX

GFI chats with The University of Texas-Pan American about unique collaborations, persistence, and bringing Global Lens to town

Nadia Gallegos (left) and Virgina Haynie Gause, the people responsible for bringing Global Lens to UTPA!

Sometimes we speak with a venue interested in hosting Global Lens, and everything falls into place relatively quickly and easily—screening facilities are available, marketing support is plentiful, and the schedule practically writes itself. In other instances, however, things don’t come together right away, and instead, it takes some time to actually “make it happen.” This was the case with The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA), who had been speaking with us off-and-on about organizing a Global Lens program on campus since 2008, but for various reasons, wasn’t able to do so until just this past year.

One of the factors that finally made it possible was the introduction of our Educational Affiliates program in which university and college libraries can purchase a full Global Lens DVD set and then screen those films for public audiences. This option, with its affordable cost and scheduling flexibility, allowed UTPA to show Global Lens 2010 on campus—screening a different film every month beginning at the end of 2010. This “experiment” of sorts proved to be a great success for UTPA, and they are now gearing

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World Cinema Week Begins Today!

Click on the map above to view World Cinema Week 2011 participants!

More than 30 schools across the U.S. participate in GFI’s annual educational screening program

We’re pleased to announce that 31 high schools (and 2 universities) in 29 U.S. cities and towns—from tropical Kapaa, Hawaii to the Cape Cod village of Hyannis, Massachussetts and sunny Tucson, Arizona—are screening Global Lens all this week in celebration of our annual spring World Cinema Week screening program!

Many participants, such as The Oakwood School (Greenville, North Carolina) and Sweet Grass County High School (Big Timber, Montana), are screening films in class and assigning response papers or blog posts to students. Other schools, such as the College of Staten Island High School for International Studies (Staten Island, New York) and Nerinx Hall High School (St. Louis, Missouri), are hosting afterschool screenings with discussions as either part of a film night program, series or festival.

GFI is very excited about this year’s participants, and as part of our commitment to students and educators, each participating high school will keep the DVDs for their library’s permanent collection!

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