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Bucking convention and breaking new ground with our filmmakers…

An indelible image from AMNESTY provides the backdrop for Global Lens 2012

Years ago, one of my grade school teachers said ‘if you do nothing at all in life, at least be original.’  Of course, nowadays, that sentiment is something of a cliché. But back in the days of psychedelia and Sesame Street, it had gravitas. And, truth be told, it has guided some of my ambitions, and is what eventually drew me to the Global Film Initiative…

There are only a few days left in this year, and as we look forward to 2012 and the Initiative’s tenth anniversary, we also look back at the preceding 3500+ days and some of the more original things we’ve done. Community programs, educational initiatives, and a very unique form of business and social enterprise–to name a few. And then, Global Lens, our sterling accomplishment.

But nothing occurs in a vacuum, and we can hardly take credit for all that has happened. And thus, rather than talking about our accomplishments, in the spirit of holiday we’d instead like to thank each of our directors, and friends in the industry, for their very original gifts that comprise the soon-to-be-launched new season of Global Lens:

- To Bujar Alimani, director of AMNESTY, and M-Appeal:

A beautiful portrait of a sometimes hidden nation deserves to be the lead title and iconic image for the series. Thank you, Maren, for bringing it to our attention and Bujar, for truly discovering a world unseen.

Karin Teles as Marilyn Monroe in Gustavo Pizzi's CRAFT

- To Gustavo Pizzi, director of CRAFT, and FiGA Films:

Gustavo, every frame is a vibrato steeped in Rio. What more can we say except thank you—to you, and Sandro and Alex, for reminding us it is possible, even necessary, to feel a very personal affection for both art and the artist.

- To Carlos Osuna, director of FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN, and producer Juan Mauricio Ruiz:

Carlos and Juan: our true appreciation, quite simply, for giving us a new vision for the series. Our first rotoscope feature in Global Lens, shot in undulating lines of conversation and culture, has perhaps forever changed our future. Amazing.

- To Sergio Teubal, director of THE FINGER, and Primer Plano:

Comedy is a rare commodity in this industry, and perhaps even for Global Lens. And much like celestial phenomena, when it suddenly does appear, it has all of us awestruck. Sergio, remember this, as our audiences won’t forget.

- To Kivu Ruhorahoza, director of GREY MATTER, and producer Dominic Allen:

Kivu, we are riding the wave of history as you make history, pushing forward into a new future. There are many things to be said, the least of which is thanks to both you and Dominic for entrusting us with this film, and this moment.

Mohamed Mouftakir's land of dreams...

- To Morteza Farshbaf, director of MOURNING, and WIDE Management:

One of our oldest friends in the industry has given us one of the newest, most vital voices in filmmaking. Clementine, thank you. And Morteza, much like your film, words are not enough to describe the vision by which we now appreciate silence.

- To Mohamed Mouftakir, director of PEGASUS, and producer, Fouad Challa:

Fouad, one day we shall meet, with the hope that you and Mohammed will take us into your Morocco, made of dreams. Until that time, your contribution to Global Lens remains unrivaled and unforgettable. Thank you.

- To Paula Markovitch, director of THE PRIZE, and Urban Media International:

Paula, there are stories to be heard, everywhere. But it is uncommon to find a child through whom they can be told. An incredible feat of directing that won’t soon be forgotten; Frederic, films like this are why we are friends.

- To Oday Rasheed, director of QARANTINA, and producer Furat al Jamil:

Against all odds and circumstances, and like no other, Oday, you have thrown light across a desperate landscape. And what we see now is more than we have ever seen. We could not have asked for anything greater.

Breaking new ground and bucking convention with FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN

- To Tolga Karacelik, director of TOLL BOOTH, and producer Engin Yeniduniya:

Engin and Tolga, in film and friendship, it is truly an auspicious start to our season, to have you open Global Lens 2012 in New York. Who would of thought the Bosphorus Bridge could lead to all this…

Seasons greetings, happy new year and thanks to all of you, from all of us—you would’ve made my teacher proud.







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