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Federico Veiroj (left) and GFI Director of Programs, Santhosh Daniel, at the U.S. premiere of A USEFUL LIFE

Every year since our founding, we’ve offered our support to filmmakers from around the world through out Granting and Distribution programs.  In doing this, we hope to make an impact on the life and career of individuals, but we rarely stop to think about how, every now and then, the individual has an impact on us.

Uruguayan director Federico Veiroj is one example of this.  Five years ago, he sent us his short film, AS FOLLOWS.  At the time, he had only made this one film and although we neither grant nor distribute short films, we found it to be so entertaining, we decided to include it in our Global Lens 2005 touring series.

A year later, Federico then approached us with a new film: ACNE.  This was his first feature-length film and a conceptual continuation of his short, and we encouraged him to apply to our Granting Program.  At the time of Federico’s application, Uruguayan cinema was just emerging to be a significant force in independent cinema.  And upon reading his script, we believed [Federico] to be a strong representative of this phenomenon and subsequently, awarded him a production grant for his film.

Many years later, Federico approached us once again, and this time he said he had a very unusual film that he we might like:  A USEFUL LIFE.  He was correct and in Fall of 2010, we acquired this film for distribution through Global Lens 2011, which is premiering this week at the Museum of Modern Art—and opening with a week-long run of Federico’s film.

Federico is one of many individuals that are representative of our mission to support original storytelling by filmmakers from around the world. His work offers audiences a unique window into Uruguayan culture, and we are very proud to have supported him from his origins to exhibition at one of the world’s premier artistic institutions.

Our support of Federico, and filmmakers like him, is made possible by generous contributions to the Global Film Initiative, and profits from the Global Lens film series.  If you’d like to support a filmmaker and our programs, click here to make a contribution, or visit our catalogue to purchase or book a film!

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