SPOTLIGHT: It’s Hip, It’s Happening, It’s Scottsdale!

Global Lens is soon to screen at the Scottsdale International Film Festival for the second time, and Jeremy Quist adds yet another place to his ever-growing list of U.S. cities he’d like to visit…

Back in the mid ‘00s (remember those?) my sister spent two years at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and I never got the chance to visit her there. I always thought it would be fun to meet up with her and then drive together through the Arizona cities listed in the song Route 66―Flagstaff, Kingman, and (don’t forget!) Winona―which obviously was before I learned that Tucson is nowhere near the highway in question. You should know two things about me by now, from my ramblings in this monthly Spotlight column:

1) My geography, not so good.
2) There are a lot of cities that I’d really like to go to.

In regard to item #2, I have a list (a physical, written list!) of cities I’d like to visit. And this month, I add to that list yet another city in Arizona―Scottsdale! You may ask, “Why, Scottsdale, Jeremy?” to which I would answer, “Well, for starters, it has a bustling late-night downtown scene, it’s the spring training home of the San Francisco Giants, and it’s also been consistently included in the ‘100 Best Communities for Young People.’” You might then retort, “Well now, Jeremy, we’d hardly consider you a young person, your knowledge of and interest in sports is spotty at best, and you can barely stay awake past 11pm these days, so there must be another reason… Are they showing Global Lens or something?” To which I would answer, “Yeah… They are!”

This marks the second consecutive year that the Scottsdale International Film Festival has included Global Lens in their already-superb lineup. And to thank for that we all have the festival’s Executive Director, Amy Ettinger, who had the following to say about the 2012 slate:

“Even the most casual look at this year’s line-up reveals a blend of films to satisfy a broad range of interests and tastes. There are smaller films for the appreciative, daring cineaste; and bigger, more mainstream films that reveal the burgeoning of the commercial market―a wonderful mix of film genres from light-hearted comedies to period dramas, chosen from all corners of the world. There is so much to see―and something for everyone!”

The Scottsdale International Film Festival launched in late-September 2001 with a handful of films and a turnout of more than 1,200. Fast-forward to a decade later, and now that annual audience turnout is more like 8,500 people! This year, the festival takes place from October 5–9, so let’s go include ourselves in that constantly growing number and check out some Global Lens films… Check the calendar for dates!

Talk back: What cities (U.S. or elsewhere) would you most like to visit, and why? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll give you a special discount code to get 20% off your entire purchase of Global Lens DVDs from our website! Really!

The Global Lens film series is an annual, curated program of narrative feature films from Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Each film in the series is selected for its authentic voice, strong cinematics and unique cultural perspective, opening a window to the diverse world in which we live. Now in its ninth year, the series continues to be a platform for exceptional storytelling. To date, more than eighty-five films from over thirty-five nations make up the award-winning and critically acclaimed Global Lens collection.

The Global Film is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. All proceeds from the Global Lens film series support international filmmaker grants, educational programming and resources, touring film exhibitions and other philanthropic initiatives and programs sponsored by the Global Film Initiative.

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