SPOTLIGHT: Global Lens at The Gold Town

The Gold Town Nickelodeon, the arthouse pride of Juneau, Alaska, brings some northern exposure to Global Lens…

Outside of the Gold Town Nickelodeon


I’ve never been to Alaska, but from what I understand, you can see Russia from there, and it gets very very cold during the winter. Beyond that, sadly, the extent of my familiarity with Alaska comes almost solely from early-90s Northern Exposure. Regardless of your knowledge surrounding this vast, resource-rich state, however, there is at least one thing that you definitely should be in the know about…

The Gold Town Nickelodeon in Juneau!

Global Lens 2012 will be showing at the Gold Town Nickelodeon this fall through February 2013, and we couldn’t be more excited about this venue. The Gold Town is a one-of-a-kind theater that hosts an array of art and film events, and also has a very unique history. Collette Costa, manager of the Gold Town Theater, shared with us a piece of its past along with some great photos:

Front door of the Gold Town Nickelodeon

“The theater is in an historic building originally built in 1911, in downtown Juneau, and housed the Alaska Steam Laundry, which serviced the gold mines in the area.”

A publicity shot of Gold Town staff and some regulars.

“Later it was converted into a theater in 1998 by a local filmmaker, Lisle Hebert, who built it to showcase his film, Gold Town. It was sold to it’s current owner, Mark Ridgway, in 2009, and has steadily grown to be a multi-use arts venue, specializing in arthouse cinema, local live productions, and specialty events like the Global Lens film series!”

The series opens with CRAFT on Monday, November 19, so if you’re in Juneau, check out the Gold Town Theater and uncover all of the amazing films from Global Lens 2012 while also learning a thing or two about the U.S.’s 49th state!

Interior of Gold Town building as the Alaska Steam Laundry.

The Gold Town Nickelodeon theater today.








The Global Lens film series is an annual, curated program of narrative feature films from Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Each film in the series is selected for its authentic voice, strong cinematics and unique cultural perspective, opening a window to the diverse world in which we live. Now in its ninth year, the series continues to be a platform for exceptional storytelling. To date, more than eighty-five films from over thirty-five nations make up the award-winning and critically acclaimed Global Lens collection.

The Global Film is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. All proceeds from the Global Lens film series support international filmmaker grants, educational programming and resources, touring film exhibitions and other philanthropic initiatives and programs sponsored by the Global Film Initiative.

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