Denise Newman and friends take us into the mind, method and man behind SHIRLEY ADAMS

This month we release Oliver Hermanus’s Cape Town ode, SHIRLEY ADAMS, on home video.  As most of you know, this is Oliver’s first film and was followed by SKOONHEID–a work supported by the Global Film Initiative, currently taking top honors at festivals worldwide.  Of course, we take no credit for the intimate and ideological worlds portrayed in Oliver’s films, as these are brought to life through the skill of actors, such as Denise Newman (in the titular role of Shirley Adams).   Below is a conversation with this award-winning actor and other cast members on the making of a masterpiece.



The Global Film Initiative will release SHIRLEY ADAMS on DVD August 16th, along with another African standout:  MASQUERADES, by Algerian director Lyes Salem.  Both films originally appeared in Global Lens 2010 and exclusively on Virgin America airlines, and are currently still screening in select locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.   All proceeds from these and other Global Lens films support our Granting Program, which provides production funding twice a year to filmmakers in emerging nations of Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.


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