SEEN & HEARD: Cannes You Believe It?

GFI Founder and Board Chair Susan Weeks Coulter works the red carpet at the 65th Cannes Film Festival, rain or shine…

Q'ing up at Cannes

You had to have been there! In Cannes, I mean. The two days of torrential rain and wind plus another two days of intermittent showers (those are the ones that start again the minute you put your umbrella down) could either be described as the weather or the stuff of festival legend.

Were you actually THERE in 2012 when the red carpet was so soggy that the actresses squished their way up the red carpet?

Umbrella sales were brisk along the Croisette, and I invested in three over the course of my six days in Cannes. The first, a royal blue mini, was ripped inside out. The second, a larger, sturdier, and black model with a handsome wooden handle made it six blocks to dinner—someone in the restaurant had no shame and stole MY new umbrella, leaving in its place their own spoke-torn model. The third was a success, as I strategically selected maroon with a cream border coloration, distinctive enough so that it might deter another theft. And then, thankfully, the sun came out and everyone’s temperament improved exponentially.

The Producers Network, organized by Cine Du Monde, had vetted their projects particularly well this year and I was fortunate enough to meet with 14 directors, representing ten different nations with projects in production. We hope to be reporting on the progress of some of those films as they near completion and ready themselves for international exhibition!

Check out the photos below for more from the streets and screens of Cannes:

The cast and crew of MISS LOVELY (2010 GFI grant recipient) at their Un Certain Regard screening


Cannes is in France, after all, so fashion just "happens" on the street.

From rhinestone-studded shoes, to precarious 5" heels, to spectacular designer gowns…

…to young people just wanting to be part of the celebration and show off their own sense of style…Cannes offers prime people-watching.


These 3 women decided to have a good time. One is a dress designer so she made their dresses all the same fabric but different styles, one was a make up artist and one was a stylist who accessorized them all for their walk up the red carpet. They decided to have a bit of fun with the tradition and so they did...

Luck and Laza Razanajatovo, filmmakers from Madagascar, pitching Song of Tlou in Cinémas du Monde


Susan Weeks Coulter is Founder and Board Chair of the Global Film Initiative. Her trip to Cannes is one of many industry events she attends each year in search of new and ground-breaking films.

Read Indiewire’s coverage of Susan @ the Cannes Film Festival here!

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