Global Lens 2013 premiered at Museum of Modern Art in New Yorkwith all ten films playing over the course of this month, and we’ve rounded up the latest buzz on some of the films from The New York Times, Twitch and The New York Review of Books!

The verdict? So many great films, so little time (as Twitch’s Dustin Chang writes). But first…

Stephan Holden from The New York Times reviews Brazilian director’s Eduardo Nunes’ debut feature, SOUTHWEST:

(Via The New York Times) A Dream of a Lifetime Lived Fully in Hours:

Eduardo Nunes' "Southwest"

Filmed in black and white with an unusually wide aspect ratio, “Southwest” is a visually beautiful film that demands that you surrender to its hypnotic images…


Dustin Chang at Twitch agrees that “lyrical and dreamlike, SOUTHWEST needs to be seen on the big screen,” and has something to say about the rest of the Global Lens 2013 lineup:

(Via Twitch) Preview: Global Lens 2013 At MoMA Offers High Caliber Cinema From Around The World: I am just stupefied by the caliber of these films. I just wish I had more time to watch all ten.

Another film making buzz is CAIRO 678. Yasmine El Rashid from the The New York Review of Books  highlights Director Mohamed Diab’s film’s timely impact:

“Long an issue -– or epidemic — unspoken about and taboo, the Egyptian revolution brought “sexual harassment” to the forefront of public and media discourse. When I watched the film CAIRO 678 last year, I felt, for the first time, that an issue I’ve long grappled with as a woman living in Egypt was at last given voice.”

And finally, The New York Times shares the scoop on our opening night film, BEIJING FLICKERS:

A scene from Beijing Flickers

A Deadpan Gaze at the Down And Out in China (Via The New York Times)(Director Zhang Yuan) piles on the pain but then considers it with a deadpan gaze. That keeps his film buoyant as San Bao (Duan Bowen) and his pals — one parks cars, one is a transvestite singer — muck around getting nowhere: hanging out, drinking, absorbing life’s daily blows.


Dying to see one of the films? Check out the 2013 calendar  to stay in the loop. Next stop: Santa Barbara International Film Fest!

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