NOW PLAYING: SHIRLEY ADAMS and the African Film Festival Traveling Series

It’s always nice to work with like-minded people.  Such as the African Film Festival, New York (AFF), which for years has partnered with GFI to show Global Lens African selections in its Traveling Series.

This year, the Series features a standout from Global Lens 2010: South African tour-de-force, SHIRLEY ADAMS.  The film is one of my many favorites from our 2010 series, in part because of its focus on mixed race populations of Cape Town (often underrepresented in South African film) and because it is helmed by a talented director with an unusual eye for intimacy and minimalism:  Oliver Hermanus.

Denise Newman (right) and Keenan Arrison in a scene from SHIRLEY ADAMS

There are many things that can be said about Oliver’s film, the least of which is that it features a stellar performance by South African actress Denise Newman in the titular role of Shirley Adamswatch a clip of her award-winning performance here.

Global Lens now playing on Virgin American flights!

Shirley Adams and other films in the African Film Festival’s Traveling Series will be playing everywhere from Baltimore to Berkeley and points in-between.  Check our calendar or the AFF’s website for dates and times.

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