UTPA’s librarian extraordinaire Virginia Haynie Gause tells viewers in Macallan, TX, how to experience the world–and stay close to home–with Global Lens…

Pop Quiz! How can one broaden their respect and understanding of other cultures without the means and/or ability to travel? For us here at the Global Film Initiative, the answer is simple: By participating as an active watcher of international cinema, one can learn about the life, language, politics, and customs of another country, and all without a passport!

Our friends at the University of Texas-Pan American are championing this idea as well–and on television! For the third season in a row, our Global Lens series is being screened at the UTPA library and will be until Summer 2013. Click on the image below to see ¬†Librarian extraordinaire, Ms. Virginia Haynie Gause, as she talks about the Global Lens 2012 series on Fox news in Macallan, TX:

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 11.18.56 PM

We’re so excited to hear that our films are serving such a crucial purpose in global education in UTPA. Thank you so much to Ms. Gause and all those involved for bringing these incredible films to a wider audience.

Interested in showcasing our Global Lens series at your festival, venue, or library? Just contact us at!

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