NEWS: Instant Global Lens!

Just add an Internet connection and a computer for instant award-winning Global Lens films, now on Hulu….

A scene from Mohammad Rasoulof's THE WHITE MEADOWS

We’ve been anticipating today, November 28th, for quite a while now, and it’s finally here!

Global Lens is now on Hulu!

Just yesterday someone asked me, “Where on earth can I see Iranian masterpiece THE WHITE MEADOWS? It hasn’t been released on DVD just yet, and there are no screenings currently booked in my city.”

The answer: You can see it right here. Right this very instant.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?

I’m pretty sure it’s nearly impossible for the day to get any better than it already is (unless the rain in San Francisco suddenly lets up)… So stop what you’re doing, go visit the GFI page on Hulu’s website, and choose a film or three (or more) from the Global Lens collection to watch tonight.

Hulu Content Partner Manager Rebecca Cain visits with Global Lens Series Manager Jeremy Quist during a visit to the GFI headquarters in San Francisco!

Now, all together on the count of three: One… Two… Three. HULU!

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