NEWS: Global Lens @ Great Star Chinatown

A moment in time: The Great Star Theater, in its early days of greatness

GFI hits the streets of SF’s Chinatown with a showcase of Chinese cinema at the iconic Great Star Theater… 

San Francisco’s Chinatown—what’s not to love.  It’s the oldest and most storied neighborhood of the city (with North Beach and Mission as close competitors for the title), and the site of many untold tales…

Such as the arrival of “Hong Kong cinema” in 60s, via the silvery screen of the Great Star Theater—the landmark arthouse cinema credited with bringing this iconic era of cinema to the States more than fifty years ago–and now experiencing a revival (following its almost near-extinction), and soon to be credited with GFI’s first showcase presentation of Chinese cinema in the city, ever:

[from Asian Week]The Global Film Initiative, in partnership with the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), is pleased to announce the presentation of four award-winning Chinese films from the Global Lens Collection on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st at the historic Great Star Theater, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood.

Global Lens @ Great Star Chinatown: The San Francisco premiere of BEIJING FLICKERS, from the upcoming Global Lens 2013 series, playing on Friday, November 30th at the Great Star

Opening the event will be the San Francisco premiere of BEIJING FLICKERS by director Zhang Yuan (preceded by a reception in the gallery of the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco), followed by presentation of three films on Saturday, including director Peng Tao’s third feature, THE CREMATOR.  At conclusion of the two-day event, the Initiative will donate a selection of its Chinese films to the permanent lending collection of the Chinatown branch of the San Francisco Public Library.

Global Lens @ Great Star Chinatown is an event of Arthouse Revival, a project by the Global Film Initiative created to support the revival of independent arthouse cinema nationwide through presentations of the critically-acclaimed Global Lens film series at iconic theaters such as the Great Star–a 500-seat landmark theater and opera-house credited with introducing Hong Kong cinema to the U.S. in the mid-1960s.  The Center for Asian American Media, in its ongoing mission to support creative community, and innovative Asian and Asian-American film and media, is the Initiative’s presenting partner for this event.  Read the entire article…

It’s a pretty spectacular event, and we wish you could all be here for it.  Because, as Jonathan Curiel says on local NPR-affiliate KQED:

[From KQED] Every year, China’s filmmakers complete more than 500 feature films, and every year, the vast number aren’t theatrically released in the United States. The ones that are tend to be action films, like Hero from 2004 or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon from 2000. That means gems like Getting Home, by “Sixth Generation” Chinese director Zhang Yang, are frequently overlooked by mainstream American audiences. What a shame.

A sensitive comedy about a poor construction worker who tries to carry his deceased colleague across country for proper burial, Getting Home is one of the best films I’ve seen from China in the past 10 years… And the film is screening this Saturday at Chinatown’s Great Star Theater as part of a new Global Film Initiative series called “Arthouse Revival.”  Read the entire article…

Sight and sound: the Great Star in the heart of Chinatown

An event worth experiencing, in person.  If you’d like to attend Global Lens @ Great Star Chinatown, visit the website or email us.  And, if you’d like to support innovative community programming like this with a contribution, buy one of our films (all proceeds are reinvested in programs or given directly to our filmmakers), or make a donation!

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