NEWS: Global Lens 2013 @ MoMA!

Global Lens 2013: Change the Way You See the World

Our tenth anniversary opens with China’s Sixth Generation, Sebastián Silva, the biggest film you’ve ever seen from Brazil (literally), and a host of Global Lens alumnus.…

It’s our tenth year and we’re kicking off Global Lens 2013, January 10th-26th, with ten films at the Museum of Modern Art!  It’s going to be some celebration…

BEIJING FLICKERS will open the series on January 10th with a week-run at MoMA and director Zhang Yuan and actor Li Xinjun in attendance, to launch the festivities (a must see:  Zhang is the acclaimed director of Beijing Bastards, and part of the gritty Sixth Generation ethos—who in the ‘90s, pushed Chinese filmmaking out of an overly-romanticized lens into the alter-reality of its edgy, urban psyche).

Also in New York for the GL13 opening:  Suman Ghosh for the North American premiere of SHYAMAL UNCLE TURNS OFF THE LIGHTS, on January 11th.  This film is something to indeed be experienced with the director, as he runs his fingers through the tangled hair of Kolkata’s bureaucracy; an inspired and insightful work that carries a subtle charm, similar to another Global Lens standout.


There is, of course, more.  The Kazakh film, STUDENT, almost needs no introduction–it premiered at Cannes this last year via Un Certain Regard, and has received more awards and laurels than can be listed here (aye, Raskolnikov)… THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF JUAN OROL which took Best Debut Feature at Guadalajara this year, but really deserves another award, if not many, for merging multiple aesthetics and eras into one of the more visually engaging biopics about a B-movie director ever created (hmm, yes, sorry Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Martin Landau)… 111 GIRLS.  One-hundred and Eleven Girls, standing on a precipice of culture and tradition, directed by Nahid Ghobadi and Bijan Zamanpira (with the support of brother, Bahman Ghobadi).

Ah, then there is SOUTHWEST, by Eduardo Nunes, from Brazil.  Really, there is no way to explain this film. A “deliriously beautiful” work shot with an incredibly wide aspect ratio (or, as Variety terms, “absurd image width”), that chronicles a girl who lives her entire life in one day.  Technically one of the most unusual films ever presented in Global Lens—and most likely the biggest [aspect ratio for a] film from Brazil this year.

MODEST RECEPTION, THE PARADE and CAIRO 6, 7, 8.  Three films that paint a vivid, panoramic view of what Global Lens is really all about: strong cinematics and story (we referred to MODEST RECEPTION earlier this year as “Robin Hood,” but it’s really more Bonnie & Clyde; a film that comes to us from our good friend Mohammad Atebbai at Iranian Independents, and we’ve made no secret in letting everyone know its a real piece of work).

GFI will of course be in New York for the opening, in full force.  Sebastian Silva will be around on the 16th to introduce his first film, LIFE KILLS ME, just before leaving to open Sundance with his fourth film.  Our friends at the China Institute will be hosting a pre-premiere reception for Zhang Yuan, and the Indo-American Arts Council will be hosting a post-screening cocktail for Suman Ghosh just after his premiere on the 11thRob Avila, our resident writer, will be conducting interviews with all the filmmakers, and Sandra Kogut (Global Lens 2009), Oday Rasheed (Global Lens 2012), and the grandfather of Global Lens, Renato Falcao (Global Lens 2003/2004) will all be at the opening night event, hosted by MoMA and GFI…

Suman Ghosh, director of Global Lens 2013 film SHYAMAL UNCLE TURNS OFF THE LIGHTS

And of course, Jytte Jensen—our most cherished friend and Film Curator from MoMA’s Department of Film—will be guiding it all.

So, see you all there… !

Global Lens 2013 opens at the Museum of Modern Art on January 10-26, 2013 and feature’s week-long runs of BEIJING FLICKERS and SOUTHWEST.  Directors Zhang Yuan, Suman Ghosh and Sebastian Silva will all be present to introduce their films on the 10th, 11th and 16th, respectively, and the entire Global Lens staff and Board, including founder, Susan Weeks Coulter, will be present at the opening to kick off the tenth season of Global Lens!

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