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After a year of hunkering down and “getting it done,” GFI films make a spectacular splash at Rotterdam…

De Doelen @ IFFR

It’s no secret that since the dawn of our existence, the International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR) has been one of our closest “professional” friends…

We’ve received golden advice from Simon Field on our Granting Program, and Sandra den Hamer sits on our Film Board. And, of course, as our filmmakers know, we’ve run around the world, from Busan to Valdivia, with our friends from Cinemart and Hubert Bals.

In other words, we love IFFR. Not just de Doelen, frites and films. Or the characteristic chill and rooftop cocktails. We love all those things, yes. But ultimately, what we cherish is the inspired purpose of the festival, and how it has launched (and loved), so many of the filmmakers we also support.

So, it’s with a great pride and pleasure that we note this year’s festival, IFFR 2013, is presenting more than just a few of our filmmakers. In Bright Future. Spectrum. And more:

IFFR Signals: Inside Iran

ABOUT 111 GIRLS (DARBARE 111 DOKHTAR), dir. Nahid Ghobadi & Bijan Zamanpira, Iraq

111 Kurdish girls live in an area without marriageable men. They bring their problem to the president’s attention, threatening to commit collective suicide. A presidential envoy is sent to prevent the drama. On the way he is confronted by absurd obstacles…

Featured in Global Lens 2013.









Iranian absurdism. A man and a woman have a suitcase full of money to share out in an inhospitable border area. Giving money away starts playfully, but adopts increasingly sadistic forms. This is not a question of noble charity – but in that case, what is it?

Featured in Global Lens 2013.






Bright Future

MISS LOVELY, dir. Ashim Ahluwalia, India

An exciting thriller in retro style about Mumbai’s underworld of sex horror films in the 1980s. The naïve Sonu, one of two brothers running a dirty movies studio, dreams of launching his mistress, a mysterious new actress, into mainstream film…

GFI grant awarded in 2010.









NINAH’S DOWRY, dir. Victor Viyuoh, Cameroon

Women do not have much to say in the interior of Cameroon. Maybe not so surprising, but this beautifully-told story makes very tangible what it means when your life is entirely decided by others and by tradition. Marrying off and selling don’t seem the same, but they can be…

GFI grant awarded in 2010.






WILDLIFE (KALAYAAN), dir. Adolfo Alix Jr., Philippines

Last summer, China and Japan were suddenly on a war footing because of claims to a couple of small uninhabited islands. The film is set on such an island. Lonely soldier stands guard on behalf of his country. Then he flips. With Ananda Everingham, Thai hunk…

GFI honorable mention awarded in 2011.



A wonderful lineup of films, and we hope you have a chance to see them all. Congratulations to our filmmakers for always pushing the limits of creativity, especially this last year, and IFFR for another great festival.

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