Summertime, and the viewing is easy…

New and award-winning Global Lens films on DVD!

It’s summertime, which means school is out, sunglasses are on, and maybe–if you’re lucky–you’ve got some time off. What better way to spend those hot summer nights than with some cool DVDs?

Well, GFI’s got you covered. We’ve got some fantastic films coming to DVD, and even if you’re short on vacation funds, you can still get a glimpse of life in exotic locales around the world this summer! From the beaches of Peru to the dusty roads of Algeria, these films will transport you to other worlds and cultures, all from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store…

June 28th:

BECLOUD (VAHO), dir. Alejandro Gerber Bicecci, Mexico
After years of separation, three boyhood friends reunite in Mexico City to overcome a tragedy that scarred their neighborhood, and childhood, years before.
Read our interview with the director here!

GODS (DIOSES), dir. Josué Méndez, Peru
A wealthy industrialist’s working-class fiancee plunges into the extravagance of her lavish new life as her future stepchildren self-destruct in a series of desperate attempts to escape their privileged upbringing.
Watch a clip from the film here!

July 26th:

MASQUERADES (MASCARADES), dir. Lyes Salem, Algeria
In a dusty Algerian village, a well-intentioned fib suddenly turns a gardner into a mogul, forcing him to choose between the happiness of his narcoleptic sister and his newfound celebrity.
Read our interview with the director here!

SHIRLEY ADAMS, dir. Oliver Hermanus, South Africa
In the depressed Cape Town neighborhood of Cape Flats, a single mother contemplates her fate and cautiously accepts the help of an overeager social worker as she struggles to care for her paraplegic and suicidal son.
Want to see what the director, Oliver Hermanus, was doing at Cannes this year? Click here!

August 30th:

ORDINARY PEOPLE, dir. Vladimir Perisic, Serbia
One quiet afternoon, a busload of young soldiers is unexpectedly forced to questions the morality of their profession after being enlisted to execute civilian prisoners at a remote facility in the Serbian countryside.
Watch an interview with the director here!

THE SHAFT (DIXIA DE TIANKONG), dir. Zhang Chi, China
In three intertwined stories, a father, son and daughter fight to hold onto hope and family as they face the harsh realities of life in a poor western Chinese mining town.
Watch a clip of the film here!

Global Lens films can be purchased directly through the Global Film Initiative Film Catalogue. All profits from the Global Lens film series support international filmmaker grants, educational programming and resources, touring film exhibitions and other philanthropic initiatives and programs sponsored by the Global Film Initiative.

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