MASQUERADES from Algeria and SHIRLEY ADAMS from South Africa available today!

We’re pleased to announce the DVD release of two new films from the Global Lens film series:

Dir. Lyes Salem
Algeria, 2008, 92 minutes
Arabic, with subtitles in English
In a dusty Algerian village, a well-intentioned fib suddenly turns a gardener into a mogul, forcing him to choose between the happiness of his narcoleptic sister and his newfound celebrity; Official Algeria Submission for Best Foreign Language Film, 81st Academy Awards; FIPRESCI Prize at the Dubai International Film Festival.

A smart, expertly made crowd-pleaser. Masterfully sure of what it sets out to accomplish–and wise enough never to take itself too seriously.” -SF360

Undoubtedly, Masquerades markes Salem out as a talent we’ll certainly be seeing more of–and if his next work is as genial as this, the pleasure will be all ours.” -Screen Daily

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Dir. Oliver Hermanus
South Africa, 2009, 92 minutes
Engish and Afrikaans, with subtitles in English
In the depressed Cape Town neighborhood of Cape Flats, a single mother contemplates her fate and cautiously accepts the help of an overeager social worker as she struggles to care for her paraplegic and suicidal son; Best Director and Best Actress at the South African Film and Television Awards; Best Actress at FESPACO 2010.

Outstanding….A penetrating study in fortitude and optimism in the face of desperate odds.” -Hollywood Reporter

True excellence in performance, cinematography, directing, and editing…. A South African masterpiece.” -Jury of the Durban International Film Festival

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MASQUERADES and SHIRLEY ADAMS toured theatrically throughout the U.S. and Canada as part of the Global Lens 2010 film series and appeared in venues, festivals and theatrical locations including the Museum of Modern Art, Palm Springs Art Museum and the Vancouver International Film Center; both films also appeared exclusively on Virgin America airlines. DVDs will be available for purchase through the Global Film Initiative website on August 16th:

MASQUERADES was also an opening night and spotlight presentation at the Arab Film Festival (San Francisco) and Arabian Sights Film Festival (Washington D.C.), and features a standout performance by writer-actor-director Lyes Salem. SHIRLEY ADAMS was featured in the 2010 African Film Festival’s Touring Series, and is executive produced by Roland Emmerich and directed by Oliver Hermanus–whose second film (SKOONHEID) was recently in competition for the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Upcoming DVD releases from the Global Film Initiative:

Dir. Vladimir Perisic
Serbia, 2009, 79 minutes
Serbian, with subtitles in English
One quiet afternoon, a busload of young soldiers is unexpectedly forced to question the morality of their profession after being enlisted to execute civilian prisoners at a remote facility in the countryside; FIPRESCI Prize at the Sarajevo Film Festival; awarded the Cineuropa Prize at the Miami International Film Festival.
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Dir. Zhang Chi
China, 2008, 98 minutes
Mandarin, with subtitles in English
In three intertwined stories, a father, son and daughter fight to hold onto hope and family as they face the harsh realities of life in a poor western Chinese mining town; Special Jury Prize at the Marrakech International Film Festival; Best Director at the Bogotá International Film Festival.
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Other recent DVD releases from the Global Film Initiative:

Becloud mexicoBECLOUD (VAHO)
Dir. Alejandro Gerber Bicecci
Mexico, 2009, 117 minutes
Spanish, with subtitles in English
After years of separation, three boyhood friends reunite in Mexico City to overcome a tragedy that scarred their neighborhood, and children, years before; Special Mention at the Morelia International Film Festival and awarded the Jury Prize at the Marrakech International Film Festival.
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Gods peruGODS (DIOSES)
Dir. Josue Mendez
Peru, 2008, 91 minutes
Spanish, with subtitles in English
A wealthy industrialist’s working-class fiancee plunges into the extravagance of her lavish new life as her future stepchildren self-destruct in a series of desperate attempts to escape their privileged upbringing; awarded Best Film at the Biarritz Film Festival and Best Peruvian Film at the Lima Film Festival.
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All profits from the Global Lens film series support international filmmaker grants, educational programming and resources, touring film exhibitions and other philanthropic initiatives and programs sponsored by the Global Film Initiative.

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