Simiyu Barasa Bags Two Grants to Make Movies (Nairobi Star)

GFI-supported film, GUERRILLA BOY, receives additional funding before production

(via Nairobi Star) Kenyan filmmaker Simiyu Barasa will be a busy man this year. He has bagged two major grants to shoot two movies. “Yes, I have been awarded a Global Film Initiative grant to film my feature drama film Guerrilla Boy and the Puma Creative Catalyst Award to produce a screener for my feature length film documentary, Charlie Pele. The Global Film Initiative is a California-based organisation that funds films internationally, with great filmmakers like Chris Doyle and Mira Nair on its board. Puma Creative Catalyst Award is an international fund; it is a London-based collaboration between Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation and Puma Creative to fund documentaries in early stages of production to be able to make trailers for their projects. For both funds, you apply through the web,” Simiyu told Word Is.

Guerrilla Boy is a drama in Gikuyu about a young boy during the Moi era who was tinkering around with electronics and made his own broadcast station, and the whole state machinery goes paranoid and thinks it’s guerrillas intent on overthrowing the government. The movie is about scientific creativity and how it becomes stifled instead of being celebrated. It is inspired by a true story that happened during the Moi regime. [more…]

Article reposted from Nairobi Star.

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