MONTH IN REVIEW: Seasonal Changes

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in summer.

“The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.” – not Mark Twain

June saw the start of San Francisco’s official “summer,” when the fog bank rolls in off Ocean Beach around 5pm and stays there until Noon the next day. Sometimes, it doesn’t burn off at all, which makes for a cold, blustery “summer” day that San Franciscans know well, and which begs the often-quoted and incorrectly attributed Mark Twain-ish phrase: “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.”

Whoever said it, had a point. The season’s change is a noticeable thing here in the Bay, as were the changes happening in the GFI office in June:

Hilary Lawson, former Publicity and Marketing Manager, left a strong legacy at GFI.

We said our goodbyes: Our dear former Marketing and Publicity Manager Hilary Lawson left GFI amicably and with much encouragement for her next adventures; It’s a silly thing, but supposedly she wanted to use that college degree in book publishing after all. She leaves behind a strong legacy, and will be missed.

We also saw our stalwart Aquisitions intern Pavel Lozin bid us adieu, after coming close to watching every film in our Global Lens collection.

We said some hellos: We’ve had the opportunity to warmly welcome the outstanding Laura Brewer, who is working with Online Marketing, and Iris Corey, Marketing and Distribution, into our midst. Emma Rae Lierley, our former Administrative Coordinator, stepped into the new role of Communications Manager at GFI, following the exit of our Marketing and Publicity Manager.

The summer winds blew in a new, whip-smart group of interns as well, including the delightful Zhao Chang, the cheerful Natasha Hull-Ritcher, the intrepid Amber Pineda, the dapper James Stowe, and the thoughtful Andreas Streuli

Jeremy Quist, Global Lens Series Manager, at the base of the Space Needle in Seattle.

We traveled to other cold and rainy placesIn the middle of all these emotional hellos and good byes, Global Lens Series Manager Jeremy Quist and Director of Programs Santhosh Daniel took a trip north, to the great Emerald City of Seattle, to introduce a screening of MOURNING (Global Lens 2012) at the Seattle International Film Festival.

And I guess what they say is true: To everything (turn…turn…turn) there is a season, and a time to every purpose…



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