GFI’s Summer Squad

Today is Intern Appreciation Day at GFI! Well really, every day is Intern Appreciation Day at GFI, but today comes with pizza and Kettle Chips to show for it!

This summer has graced us with some amazingly talented folks. From helping us watch hundreds of screeners to compiling publicity packets for each DVD release, they put the “initiative” in Global Film Initiative and help us do what we do. In fact, we couldn’t do it without them.

They’re all pretty interesting people to boot, so without further ado, let’s meet the crew!

Sarah Barness
Graduated from: UC Berkeley
Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies
Favorite Film: Paper Moon
While interning at GFI I’ve learned that…an honest review is most valuable.
When I’m not interning at GFI, you can find me…playing my banjo.
Someday I want to…be an art historian who does costume and set design for period piece films.



Erin Buckley
Currently attending: Fordham University
Major: Communications and Media Studies with a film concentration, and a minor in Women’s Studies
Favorite film: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned that…Argentina has a crazy booming film industry!
When I’m not interning at GFI, you can find me…living on the East Coast where there are few avocados and no sourdough bread.
Someday I want to…own my own revival movie theater/restaurant…like Kabuki, only better!


Rachel Cook
Currently attending: Tufts University
Major: Architectural Studies
Favorite film: Chinatown
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned that…repressed Argentinean schoolteachers should not be allowed in the boys’ bathroom.
When I’m not interning at GFI you can find me…baking with my sisters.
Someday I want to…live in another country.


Ellen Holderman
Graduated from: UC Santa Cruz
Major: Feminist Studies, with a minor in Art History
Favorite Film: Garden State
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned that…film can be a powerful tool for cultural knowledge and understanding.
When I’m not interning at GFI, you can find me…sipping rooibos tea (South African) in Santa Cruz.
Someday I want to…travel to every continent (minus Antarctica) and somehow make a difference in the global community through art.

Glennis Markison
Currently attending: Johns Hopkins University
Majors: International Studies and Film & Media Studies
Favorite film: A Serious Man
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned that…choosing frame grabs/composing chapter titles for DVD releases is a lot like creating headlines for newspaper articles. It’s all about summarizing a lot of information in a concise and creative way.
When I’m not interning, at GFI, you can find me…watching movies at the Lumiere/Opera Plaza/Embarcadero, reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants and eating dim sum with friends.
Someday I want to…work on documentary and/or foreign films.

Erin Migdol
Currently attending: UC Davis
Majors: Communication & Film Studies, with a minor in Sociology
Favorite Film: Meet Me in St. Louis
While interning at GFI I’ve learned that…after only two days, I learned that you can find great films in every part of the world.
When I’m not interning at GFI you can find me…watching way too many reality TV shows and HBO dramas, reading magazines, writing articles for my school paper and eating frozen yogurt with my twin sister–sometimes all at the same time!
Someday I want to…see my name in the credits of a movie, and get a chance to work with some of the members of the film industry that I admire so much.

Michelle Plascencia
Graduated from: San Francisco State University
Major: Cinema Studies, with a minor in Spanish
Favorite film: Vivre Sa Vie, Rear Window or Mrs. Doubtfire (too many to choose from)
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned that…the world of international film is full of amazing storytellers and endless cinematic possibilities! I am glad to be a part of an organization that allows for international films to have distribution and supports their passion for film.
When I’m not interning at GFI, you can find me…working at Cafe Franco in Fort Mason or Kabuki Theaters, or enjoying my free time with friends at Golden Gate park or taking a stroll in the Mission District.
Someday I want to…travel the world and open a sandwich shop with one of my best friends here in San Francisco!

Claire Rosenfeld
Graduated from: The Evergreen State College
Majors: Cultural Studies & Foreign Languages (Spanish, Hindi)
Favorite film: Love Actually. So corny, yet so good. City of God is another favorite.
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned that…sundried tomato cream cheese from Noah’s Bagels (generously provided by Angelica) is an outstanding addition to my life. It tastes better when transported and smeared via a miniature coffee mug (adorable). But on a more serious note, as a development intern, I’m getting the sense that corporations actually have the social capital to do a lot of good!
When I’m not interning at GFI, you can find me…oh, like I’d tell you where I live.
Someday I want to…hang out with Adrian Grenier…or John Stewart. Both are highly unlikely, so maybe I’ll aim for a trip to Uganda with my friend Hannah. She’s done so much amazing work there with her family!

Will Stephenson
Currently attending: University of Georgia
Majors: Film Studies & Comparative Literature
Favorite film: Play Time, maybe
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned that…a multifaceted international arts organization can effectively be run by a handful of people with a mailbox.
When I’m not interning at GFI, you can find me…in Athens, Georgia with my two cats.
Someday I want to…work with films and/or music (in research, preservation, distribution, etc.).


Kacie Watkins
Graduated from: UC Santa Cruz, currently working at an ad agency
Majors: Sociology & French
Favorite Film: Amélie
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned that…even though I thought I was relatively educated on the subject, I still need to learn a lot more about world geography; that DVDs are always released on Tuesdays.
When I’m not interning at GFI, you can find me…working my 9-5 job, and when I’m not there, seeking out some good hip hop, reggae or Latin music to dance to (preferably live).
Someday I want to…figure out how to take a year off in order to travel throughout Africa.

Karen Yang
Graduated from: UC San Diego
Major: Linguistics
Favorite film: The Lord of the Rings
While interning at GFI, I’ve learned…about some of the processes involved in selecting, screening, and releasing films, what a lot of useful terms mean (screeners, theatricals, digibetas, etc.), postal restrcitions for Iran and the humor behind zoo animals.
When I’m not interning at GFI, you can find me…at Trader Joes, at brunches and happy hours around town, or planning my next meal.
Someday I want to…spend at least a year of my life traveling around the world.

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