On the eve of its world premiere, Pardon My Hindi gives Un Certain Regard star MISS LOVELY a seductive new look for the red carpet at Cannes….

<– You saw it here—first!  Designer Chiraag Bhakta’s cheeky-cum-risque rendering of Ashim Ahluwalia’s much-anticipated second feature, MISS LOVELY, just before it hits the fabled French Riviera at Cannes.

We can’t tell you where to get the poster, because it’s only a few hours old.  But, we can show you a trailer for MISS LOVELY–because who doesn’t love a film about the Bollywood underground (certainly, we do—see credits).

As for Chiraag, some of you may remember him as the graphic hand behind GFI’s education experiment site, Bluescreen.  And the rest of you might know him as iconic eye behind Pardon My Hindi (which words can’t describe—so visit the site).

And as for Cannes… You know who’s got our vote.

MISS LOVELY was awarded a GFI production grant in 2010 and is an Official Selection of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard).  All grants made by the Global Film Initiative are made possible by generous donations, and revenue generated by the award-winning Global Lens film series.  If you’d like to make a contribution in support of a film and filmmaker, please visit our donation site or visit our catalogue and book or buy a Global Lens film!  





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