MY TEHRAN FOR SALE Star Behind Bars (The Australian)

The fate of Marzieh Vafamehr, the star of the Australian film MY TEHRAN FOR SALE, remains in limbo after she was jailed in Iran.

Iranian actress Marzieh Vafarmehr in MY TEHRAN FOR SALE

(via The Australian) Although the Iranian judiciary said she would be released on bail last week, she is believed to still be imprisoned. Vafamehr starred in the South Australian-financed and produced film that was filmed largely guerilla-style in Iran. She appeared in the film—which is now more than two years old—without a hijab and shaved her head, though the reason for her imprisonment remains unclear other than being part of a broader Iranian crackdown. [more…]

To read an interview with Vafamehr’s husband, acclaimed director Nasser Taghvai, click here. To read GFI’s statement on another Iranian filmmaker, Mohammad Rasoulof, and his sentence to six years in prison for filmmaking activities, click here.

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