EDUCATION: International Education Week!

Schools in 14 states across the U.S. participate in GFI’s annual educational screening program!

Click on the map above to view International Education Week 2011 participants!

We’re pleased to announce that 22 schools across the U.S. will be screening Global Lens films as part of our annual International Education Week program this week (Nov. 14-18)!

Teachers and students—from the “Home of Susie the Duck” (Lodi, WI) to the seaport city of Seattle, Washington, as well as “River City” (Memphis, TN) and our very own San Francisco Bay Area—will participate in educational screenings of Global Lens films this week to celebrate and promote international exchange and education. The International Education Week screening program is held each year in conjunction with celebrations sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and Department of State.

Here are some interesting facts about this year’s screening program and its participants:

Teachers participating in our screening program specialize in a variety of disciplines, from film studies to English, and foreign language studies to comparative politics. As such, students have the opportunity to view Global Lens films in several different contexts: sophomore students at Oceana High School (Pacifica, CA) are screening Global Lens films to explore human rights abuses; students at Nerinx Hall High School (Webster Groves, MO) are writing response papers and reflecting on global citizenship as part of film courses (e.g., “Women in Film” and “Media and Film”).

Students at schools like Sturgis Charter Public School (Hyannis, MA) and Lodi High School (Lodi, WI) will even screen films outside of the traditional classroom, in spaces such as Model United Nations, school clubs (Arabic, Spanish, film) and school-wide film festivals.

Want to learn more about International Education Week and how your school or public library can be involved? Check out our Education Program page or email to find out how you can bring Global Lens to a school or public library near you!

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