WEEK IN REVIEW: GFI, Unsubtitled

What We Watch When We’re Not Watching Global Lens

One of the great perks of working at the Global Film Initiative is that we get to watch interesting, exciting films from around the world. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, except instead of candy, we have shelves full of new and unreleased films–and the mailman brings more every day!

However, just as pastry chefs sometimes feel like a burger or mystery novelists might dabble in haiku from time to time, we also run the gamut when it comes to what we watch “off the clock.” Here’s just a sampling of what the GFI staffers have been filling their screen time with:

Marketing and Publicity Manager Hilary Lawson has worked her way through four seasons of the awesomely-80s action thriller series MacGyver. Obviously, watching Richard Dean Anderson create a bomb using silly putty or a make a magnifying glass with a hair pin and white wine never gets old. Ever.

Granting & Distribution Coordinator Angelica Dongallo, swooned all over again while re-visiting old an old episode of the Mickey Mouse Club. In confessing this to the rest of the staff, she managed to embarrass herself and make us all feel kind of old.

Director of Programs Santhosh Daniel watched Fantastic Mr. Fox for the 30th time, matching his childhood record for reading the book. Next, he’ll tackle the Fantastic Mr. Fox Whackbat game.

Global Lens Series Manager Jeremy Quist has been quite the cinephile lately. Not only did he watch Mary Poppins and Kung Fu Panda 2, he caught a special screening of Vertigo on 70-millimeter film at the Castro Theater!

Administrative Coordinator Emma Rae Lierley went and made us all look bad by watching an award-winning foreign film in her time off: Biutiful, starring Javier Bardem. Fun Fact: Bardem’s role marked the first time that a performance filmed entirely in Spanish received a Best Actor nomination at the Academy Awards!

And if you’ve been missing out on movies lately, don’t worry, you can watch the entire evolution of film (set to an epic soundtrack) here!

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