Food for Thought: GFI & San Francisco’s Ninth Annual World Affairs Challenge

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from using film to teach students about other cultures around the world, it’s that oftentimes, kids can be the best teachers of all.

Naturally, we were very excited to get involved with the World Affairs Challenge, which invites students to work in teams, exploring global issues and then presenting their research and solutions in a final competition or “challenge.” This annual event is created by World Savvy, a local nonprofit that works toward youth education and involvement in community and world affairs—a mission very close to GFI’s heart.

This year’s theme, Food: Feeding the Planet Sustainably in the 21st Century, encourages students to learn about hunger, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, the environmental impact of our food system, trade and much more. Over 700 high school students from 23 schools throughout the Bay Area have been putting together presentations on topics such as popular food myths (for example, that there isn’t enough food grown on the planet to feed the world’s population), the connection between deforestation and food production, and ways to help fight hunger in Africa.

After months of preparation, the culminating event is the World Affairs Challenge, which takes place this Saturday, April 16th, on San Francisco State University’s campus. Students will compete in different events that test their knowledge of global affairs, their presentation skills, and their ability to work collaboratively with their peers.

The winning team will receive various prizes—including a DVD set of Global Lens films! GFI is one of many sponsors for this event, which is open to the community—so if you’re in the Bay Area, come join us in supporting global education by cheering on these students!

Best of luck to all the students participating this weekend, and don’t forget: You are what you eat!

For more information about the World Affairs Challenge, please visit

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