Leading Ladies Lead the World

A fast glance at five actresses making headlines on the global indie circuit

Artika Sari Devi

Tannishtha Chatterjee seems to be everywhere nowadays.  And in case you hadn’t heard, Artika Sari Devi is starring in a new film and Gina Pareño is nearing 125 film and television productions. It’s rumored that Do Thi Hai Yen is about to be the face of a new Louis Vutton ad-campaign. And, of course, there’s Denise Newman

Who are these women? Well, they’re some of the most recognizable film and media personalities in Asia and Africa today. In fact, audiences may recognize Tannishtha Chatterjee from the film Brick Lane, Do Thi Hai Yen as Michael Caine’s object of elusive desire in The Quiet American and actress Artika Sari Devi as a former finalist in the Miss Universe pageant…

Do Thi Hai Yen (left)

If that doesn’t ring a bell, then perhaps you remember all of these actresses as “leading ladies” in some of our best Global Lens films.  We can hardly forget Gina’s red carpet turn in 2008 for the opening of the BET COLLECTOR at MoMA, or Do Thi Hai Yen’s memorable twist as a frustrated housewife in ADRIFT

Or Denise Newman as the titular lead in the South African film SHIRLEY ADAMS (for which she just earned another Best Actress award), Tannishtha’s urban ingénue in LET THE WIND BLOW, and Artika in the iconic role of Sita in the Indonesian opus OPERA JAWA—focus of this recent article in the Jakarta Post.

So, see what the rest of the world is buzzing about, because Global Lens has some hidden star power in its veins. And, if you can tell us which Global Lens actress not mentioned here is one of the more popular stars in today’s Asian indie-pop scene, we’ll gift you one of these Global Lens DVDs:

SHIRLEY ADAMS is currently featured on Virgin America airlines and will be released on DVD this month.  OPERA JAWA is our Chairman’s Choice selection for Global Lens 2011, which is now playing in theaters, and is also available on DVD.  ADRIFT will be released on DVD later this year, and LET THE WIND BLOW and BET COLLECTOR are currently available for educational purchase through our website.

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