Film Festivals Celebrate Human Rights (The Korea Herald)

The North Korean Human Rights Film Festival and the Independence, Democracy Film Festival bring DOOMAN RIVER (Global Lens 2011) and other influential films to Seoul

A scene from Zhang Lu's DOOMAN RIVER

(via The Korea HeraldTwo human rights-themed film festivals open in Seoul this month ― a rare opportunity to experience a wide range of socially conscious documentaries and feature-length films.

The first North Korean Human Rights Film Festival, which kicks off on Nov. 10 at Lee Hae-rang Arts Theater of Dongguk University in Seoul, brings together 10 non-fiction and feature films that delve into human rights conditions in the communist country.…Korean-Chinese director Zhang Lu’s feature film “Dooman River” presents a story of an ethnic Korean boy who lives in a Chinese province that shares its border with Hamgyeong Province in North Korea. His life is turned upside down when he befriends a North Korean boy who often crosses the border ― through the Duman River ― in secret, to find food in the Chinese town. [more…]

DOOMAN RIVER can be seen in various locations, venues and festivals throughout the U.S. and Canada as part of the Global Lens 2011 film series. Check our film calendar for screening dates and times, and click here to read more about the film (and the river).

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