FESTIVALS & AWARDS: São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards, Dubai IFF, Cairo IFF and more!

SOUTHWEST wins Best Director and Best Cinematographer from the São Paulo Association of Art Critics, CHAOS, DISORDER wins Special Jury Prize at Dubai and WHEN I SAW YOU receives Special Mention at Cairo…

Happy holidays from GFI!

‘Twas a December full of holidays,
and all over the world,
Global Lens films and grant recipients screened brightly,
For cinephiles, both boy and girl.

That might not be quite how the rhyme goes, but we digress…

Global Lens films and grant recipients continue to light up screens through the end of 2012, and we’ve featured the most recent news for you below. To recap, this year we brought you updates from 55 festivals and 5 awards shows–it’s been a busy and beautiful year for our films, and we look forward for what’s to come in 2013!

Here are the headlines from this month (our last update of 2012!):

We mentioned in our last Festivals & Awards post that WHEN I SAW YOU (dir. Annemarie Jacir, Palestine/Jordan, Summer 2011 honorable mention) screened at the Cairo International Film Festival. Well, at the festival, the film won a Special Mention in the Arab Films Competition! Check out WHEN I SAW YOU on the festival’s site here.

Congratulations to Nadine Khan and CHAOS, DISORDER (Egypt, Winter 2009 grant recipient) for winning a Special Jury Award at the Dubai International Film Festival! (Photo: Dubai International Film Festival)

It’s doesn’t stop there–WHEN I SAW YOU also won the Don Quixote Award at the Carthage Film Festival! Visit the film’s Facebook page to read all about it!

CHAOS, DISORDER (dir. Nadine Khan, Egypt, Winter 2009 grant recipient) won the Special Jury Award at the Dubai International Film Festival! Read about the film’s victory over censorship, and its review here. GFI grant recipients MISS LOVELY (dir. Ashim Ahluwalia, India, Winter 2010 grant recipient) and WHEN I SAW YOU (above) also screened at this year’s festival.  Check out some of the buzz on the latter two grant recipients that have been gracing the screens of so many festivals this year.

SOUTHWEST (dir. Eduardo Nunes, Brazil, Global Lens 2013) won three prizes from the Festival de Cinema Luso Brasileiro in Santa Maria da Feira: Critics’ Prize, Special Jury Prize and Prize of the Public (read a review of the film here). SOUTHWEST, along with nine other feature films from around the world, will premiere as part of Global Lens 2013 at MoMA in January 2013!

MOTHER’S SOUL (dir. Nhuệ Giang Phạm, Vietnam, Summer 2010 grant recipient) and WHEN I SAW YOU (above) played in India this month as part of this year’s edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala. Click here to watch a trailer from MOTHER’S SOUL and here for WHEN I SAW YOU.

A still from SHIPS (Turkey, Winter 2012 honorable mention) the recipient of Malatya International Film Festival's Special Jury Prize!

The Malatya International Film Festival was inundated (in a good way!) by our Global Lens films and grant recipients. SHIPS (dir. Elif Refig, Turkey, honorable mention Winter 2012) won a Special Jury Prize and, along with VOICE OF MY FATHER (dir. Orhan Eskiköy & Zeynel Doğan, Turkey, 2011 grant recipient), was part of the National Film Competition section. MODEST RECEPTION (dir. Mani Haghighi, Iran, Global Lens 2013) and MOURNING (dir. Morteza Farshbaf, Iran, Global Lens 2012) were included in the Middle Eastern Cinema section. Be sure to check out our catalogue for your choice of Global Lens films for all occasions!

SOUTHWEST (above) also won Best Director and Best Cinematographer 2012 from the São Paulo Association of Art Critics, and was the only film this year to receive two awards from the Association! Stay tuned for updates from the awards ceremony in March 2013. In the meantime, see why critics and audiences alike are raving about this film!

Last but not least, BEAUTY (dir. Oliver Hermanus, South Africa, Summer  grant recipient) won Best Film at Russia’s LBGT film festival, the Side by Side International Film Festival.

In addition, this isn’t quite festival news but two of our grant recipients received a little something extra under their trees this year…

So Much Water (Summer 2012 honorable mention) got a distribution deal in their stocking this year. (Photo: Control Z Films)

SO MUCH WATER (dir. Ana Guevara & Leticia Jorge, Uruguay, Summer 2012 honorable mention) was acquired for distribution by Alpha Violet.

ALI, THE GOAT, AND IBRAHIM (Ibrahim El Batout, Egypt, Winter 2011 honorable mention) was awarded a production grant by the Doha Tribeca Film Institute.

As always, Global Lens films are screening all year across the U.S. and Canada, so be sure to catch one of the films in your area!

Congratulations to all of our films and filmmakers and happy holidays to all! We’ll be back in the New Year. For the most up-to date news about GFI and Global Lens, “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

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