FESTIVALS & AWARDS: Sofia IFF, Festivalissimo, SAFTAs, Berlin IFF and more!

BEAUTY shines at the South African Film and Television Awards, THE BODA BODA THIEVES nabs the top pitching prize in Berlin, and more great news about Global Lens films and GFI grant recipients!

Producers James Tayler and Sarah Muhoho (THE BODA BODA THIEVES, dir. Donald Mugisha, Uganda) at the Berlin International Film Festival! Photo: bizcommunity.com.

The past few weeks have been nothing short of spectacular for Global Lens films and GFI grantees, and we’re very proud to announce the latest scoop!

First, news about GFI grantees:

  • Ernesto Contreras, director of 2011 grant recipient I DREAM IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE (Mexico), was one of 16 filmmakers chosen to participate in the Jerusalem International Film Lab! Ernesto has met with renowned script editors regarding his film in production, and he may also have an opportunity to pitch his script to an international panel at the Jerusalem Film Festival in July!
  • MOTHER’S SOUL (dir. Nhue Giang Pham, Vietnam, 2010 grant recipient) was nominated for Best Picture at the Vietnam Cinema Association’s Golden Kite Awards—Vietnam’s equivalent to the Academy Awards!
  • Victor Viyuoh, director of NINAH’S DOWRY (Cameroon, 2010 grant recipient), was recently interviewed by Film Independent—click here to read the transcript about the challenges Victor has faced while securing funding and visit the film’s Kickstarter page to learn more about how you can help Victor make his dream a reality!
  • SHADOWS AND FACES (dir. Derviş Zaim, Turkey, 2010 grant recipient) opened a screening of films by director Derviş Zaim at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with Dervis himself in attendance! In addition, SHADOWS AND FACES was also selected for the Turkish Film Festival in Beirut and and the Nuremburg Turkish-German Film Festival!

And if you think that’s great, just wait until you hear about some of the newest accolades earned by Global Lens films!

  • Global Lens 2012 films CRAFT (dir. Gustavo Pizzi, Brazil) and FAT, SHORT, BALD MAN (dir. Carlos Osuna, Colombia) both won awards at Festivalissimo: Karine Teles (CRAFT) won Best Actress, and FAT, BALD SHORT MAN won the Prize of the Public! THE PRIZE (dir. Paula Markovitch, Argentina, Global Lens 2012) was also featured at the festival.
  • Oday Rasheed, director of QARANTINA (Iraq, Global Lens 2012) has been selected for the San Francisco Film Society’s Artist in Residence Program for Spring! As part of his two-week residency, Oday will discuss QARANTINA at a public screening on April 3 (with a Q&A moderated by journalist Terry McCarthy) and will also visit local high schools and colleges to discuss his work with students.

Congratulations to all our films and filmmakers!

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