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Programmers, curators and more–preview our 2012 lineup on Festival Scope!

Every January, just around the time we launch a new season of Global Lens, we get hit with multiple requests from curators and programmers for screening copies of our films.  And we love it.  The only problem:  we can’t always keep up with the demand, especially when those  films are making news (i.e. MOURNING, THE PRIZE, PEGASUS, AMNESTY…)

MOURNING (dir. Morteza Farshbaf, Iran) now available on Festival Scope

So, woe is us, such an exquisite difficulty and what’s a boutique nonprofit film organization supposed to do.  Or rather, how do we keep the promise made to our filmmakers, of promoting their films to the widest and most geographically diverse audience possible?  And how do you get to see Global Lens in your city, festival and theater…

Well, our longtime friend, Alessandro Raja, has  an answer:  Festival Scope

Festival Scope is our newest promotional partner for Global Lens.  Launched in 2010 by Alessandro (formerly of Celluloid Dreams), it’s an online film viewing resource created exclusively for industry professionals who want to review films, immediately, from the wonderful world of festivals.  Dubai, Busan, Torino, Toronto–name it and you’ll likely find it on Festival Scope.

For us, it’s a good thing to work with Festival Scope.  We’re one of three inaugural curatorial “labels” invited to join the site (the others are Binger Film Lab and FIPRESCI), and more importantly, we share similar goals:  to promote and create access to unique artistic and cultural perspectives through film.  And as Alessandro puts it:

Alessandro Raja, Founder and CEO of Festival Scope

“We’re really excited about the Global Lens label on Festival Scope, as we’ve known GFI for years, and finally have a chance to work together.”

We couldn’t say it any better, or with more enthusiasm.  And while we could tell you all about Festival Scope and what it is, the best way to learn more  is to sign up and preview our new lineup on the site!

The Global Lens film series was launched in 2003 to support the exhibition and distribution of unique cinematic perspectives from around the world.  All proceeds from the series are either given directly to filmmakers in support new and future projects, or reinvested in the Initiative’s Granting Program.  Learn more…


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