FEATURE: University of Richmond Putting Global Lens To Work

urichThe University of Richmond’s Boatwright Memorial Library acquires the 2012 DVD set and gets more than just movies…

Did you know that universities and colleges are eligible to purchase subsidized Global Lens DVD sets for their library? It’s true! Not only do they represent some of the most important examples of world cinema available today, and not only are they super-affordable, but they also include unlimited lending, streaming, and public performance privileges. Not kidding!

One such academic institution that has taken advantage of this invitation is the University of Richmond in Virginia. The University’s Boatwright Memorial Library holds a free International Film Series every semester, curated by the inestimable Mr. Paul Porterfield (Director of the Library’s Media Resource Center). We’ve been working with Paul for a couple years now, as he often likes to schedule a Global Lens film in his series. But it was just recently, when he wanted to book three films from Global Lens 2012, that the DVD-set option proved to be especially valuable—pay less money, get more films.

University of Richmond Library

University of Richmond’s Boatwright Library

The Library’s International Film Series showed PEGASUS last fall, screened CRAFT a few weeks ago, and will follow up with FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN next month. But better yet, because they were purchased as part of the set, if someone misses the screening or wants to see it again, the films are available to be checked out of the library—the three mentioned here plus seven others! And did we mention that these titles have not yet been released to the general public?fatbaldshort

It is part of the Global Film Initiative’s mission to make these amazing stories and diverse cultural perspectives available to educational institutions throughout the country—encouraging audiences to change the way they see the world—and we’re so pleased that our special Global Lens DVD set offer has worked out so well for the University of Richmond.

Interested in purchasing a Global Lens DVD set for your university or college library? Just contact us at distribution@globalfilm.org to request yours today!

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