EDUCATION: Interconnection and International Education Week 2012

Students and teachers find connections beyond the film-audience relationship during our annual fall educational event…

Click the map to see the series of interconnections between Global Lens films and schools participating in International Education Week 2012!

Our systems for connecting with one another in today’s world can take on a variety of forms: high-fives, conversations, friendships, emails, social media, YouTube, lunch dates, the S Beam and, of course, film.

The nature of our work at the Global Film Initiative allows us to see, every day, how small and interconnected our world is, particularly between each of our Global Lens films and the audiences that view them. Most recently, we saw this connectivity during International Education Week (November 12-16, 2012), when students and teachers from 24 high schools and 2 universities in the U.S. screened Global Lens films at their campuses in celebration of international education. The international lines on this map show connections between California and Argentina, Indiana and Morocco, Texas and Lebanon and more! Every year, audiences throughout the U.S. make connections to Global Lens films from around the world, as well as the characters portrayed in them.

A still from Global Lens film DAM STREET (dir. Li Yu, China).

“Intriguing…It shows a new culture, and how people around the world deal with harsh situations,” write the students of Middle College High School (San Pablo, CA), after viewing Global Lens film DAM STREET (China) during IEW 2012. “The movie was definitely a hit with the students.”

This quote from the students at Middle College demonstrates a connection to the film, but also has an added dimension of interconnections: those connections between the audience members and IEW 2012 participants themselves, regardless of place, time or person. The fact that students and teachers all across the country are viewing the same films demonstrates each audience member’s connection to one another. As such, the map could even include lines within the U.S. connecting each of the schools participating in our program! These shared experiences allows there to be a relationship between film viewers, not just between the viewer and the film.

Our IEW 2012 participants share other commonalities as well:

IEW 2012 was a wonderful opportunity to create new shared experiences across borders and campuses, and we thank all our participating schools for their involvement in our program, and for being open to interconnections everywhere.

Email to find out how you can bring Global Lens to a high school near you during one of our annual screening programs, or ask us how to purchase these films for your campus!

International Education Week (IEW) is an annual event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of State.

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