EDUCATION: Enlighten Yourself on Eco-Entrepreneurship Via THE LIGHT THIEF!

Kyrgyz actor-director Aktan Arym Kubat plays the delightful Mr. Light in our newest DVD release: THE LIGHT THIEF.

Our newest Global Lens DVD release comes with a film discussion guide that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Kyrgyzstan, windmills and Kok-boru

Alright, everyone, time for “Guess That Film!”

I’m thinking of a great title that premiered not very long ago (2010, to be exact), which involves an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea that has the potential to increase connectivity and put power into the people’s hands, only to be complicated by the involvement of greedy investors and corrupt friendships. It’s a beautiful, award-winning film that portrays people who live and work in—you guessed it—a certain “valley.”

I’m sure you’ve named it by now. It is, of course, the one and only…

THE LIGHT THIEF from Kyrgyzstan (no Jesse Eisenberg here, folks—tsk tsk if you thought otherwise)! Lead actor-director Aktan Arym Kubat provides a charming performance as a humble electrician wishing to bring windmills to power electricity through his village…and the film is being released on DVD! View a preview here!

To top it off, each DVD provides special access to THE LIGHT THIEF’s film discussion guide, to help enlighten audiences about all aspects of Kyrgyzstan—from eco-entrepreneurship and the underground economy, to the traditional game of Kok-boru and the country’s nomadic past. The guide also includes a number of engaging discussion questions to keep the conversation going even after you finish watching the film. After viewing THE LIGHT THIEF myself, I became fascinated by Kyrgyzstan’s dynamic and diverse population, and discovered from the discussion guide that…well, you’ll hear no spoilers from me. Purchase the film or request a preview of the guide today to discover for yourself the uniqueness and beauty of Kyrgyzstan!

And don’t forget one very important detail: all proceeds from DVD purchases go back to our filmmakers, educational programming and resources, touring film exhibitions and other philanthropic initiatives and programs!

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