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Film still from CRAFT

We’re literally all over the map with education this spring—new 2012 EDU films and discussion guides, high school screenings via World Cinema Week and a partnership with our Ninth Street neighbor, TILT!

Oh, the places we’re going with education this spring!  This April, we continue our quest to change the way you see your world with new EDU films and discussion guides for teachers and students all across the country, and coast-to-coast.  And speaking of coasts, we’re also venturing into new waters by hosting an educational screening for students right here on our home-turf @ the Ninth Street Independent Film Center!  So much great news—read on!

  • EDU Films and Discussion Guides GFI has always provided educators with the best film curriculum and content for use across all disciplines: global studies, language studies, film studies, and more!

This spring, we’re bringing you our freshest discussion guides from Global Lens 2012 (now playing in theaters!). Educators and their students will be happy to know that among the first guides to be released are our picks for the newest EDU films (available now!):

Film still from FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN

    • CRAFT (RISCADO), dir. Gustavo Pizzi, Brazil, 2010
    • FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN (GORDO, CALVO Y BAJITO), dir. Carlos Osuna, Colombia, 2011
    • THE FINGER (EL DEDO), dir. Sergio Teubal, Argentina, 2011
    • MOURNING (SOOG), dir. Morteza Farshbaf, Iran, 2011
    • THE PRIZE (EL PREMIO), dir. Paula Markovitch, Argentina, 2011
    • TOLL BOOTH (GIŞE MEMURU), dir. Tolga Karaçelik, Turkey, 2010

These films are designated by GFI as appropriate for secondary and high school educational curriculum and coursework, along with several other titles in our catalogue. Use them to transform the classroom into the [rotoscope] animated streets of Colombia (FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN), the brilliant green meadows of Iran (MOURNING) and the mesmerizing sunflower fields of Turkey (TOLL BOOTH). Click here to view a sample discussion guide for in-classroom use!

  • World Cinema Week 2012 Our annual World Cinema Week screening program is just around the corner (April 16-20, 2012), and we have a solid group of high schools, colleges and universities from Albuquerque to Roslyn Heights that are ready and raring to screen their Global Lens selections on their campuses! Look out next month for a post that profiles our participants (but if you can’t wait that long, click here to read about the participating schools in our International Education Week screening program last November!).
  • Partnership With TILT Last, but certainly not least: GFI has partnered with TILT at Ninth Street to host a local high school educational screening next month of Global Lens film GETTING HOME (dir. Zhang Yang, China)! TILT is a media education program for youth, and we are very pleased to be partnering together to promote cultural education for our local high school students and community.

The screening will be held on April 19, 2012 in the Ninth Street Independent Film Center in San Francisco (a consortium of local film organizations where both GFI’s and TILT’s offices are housed). In addition, Abby Chen, Curator and Deputy Director at the Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco, will introduce the film and facilitate a post-screening Q&A with the students. This event is being held in conjunction with World Cinema Week, and we couldn’t be more excited for it!

Want to host or attend a Global Lens educational screening, view a sample discussion guide or learn more about our educational initiatives? Check out our Education Program page or email to find out how you can bring Global Lens to a school or public library near you!

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