Global Lens 2012 @ MoMA and Beyond!

This year’s launch in New York set our universe in motion thanks to a host of filmmakers, friends and more than a little help from MoMA and a one-man army…

Angelica in the Stars

Angelica Dongallo, Acquisitions & Granting Dynamo, kicks-off Global Lens 2012 amongst the stars


What can we say–it was spectacular. And for as much as we’d really like to tell you about the launch of Global Lens 2012 in New York, pictures do the job so much better.  The stars were out and in alignment, and the year began with a big bang, cosmic kismet and maybe even a few good parties–see for yourself!

Next stop:  everywhere.  Global Lens 2012 will be playing all across the U.S. and Canada, from Palm Springs to Boston, Latin Wave in Houston and Vue d’Afrique in Montreal–check our calendar!

A special thanks to Jytte Jensen, Curator, and Clay Farland, at the MoMA Department of Film; Consul General M. Levent Bilgen, Consul Ismet Erikan and the Turkish Consulate General of New York; Robert Avila; Gary Ponzo; Gianfranco Sorrentino and our friends at Gattopardo; Carlos Gutierrez; Tom Vick at the Smithsonian Institution; Engin “One-Man Army” Yeniduniya; and Global Lens 2012 directors Bujar Alimani, Tolga Karacelik, Carlos Osuna, Gustavo Pizzi, and Oday Rasheed–none of this would’ve been possible without you.  




Waiting for the show to begin....

Consul General M. Levent Bilgen and Mrs. M. Levent Bilgen (center), hosts of TOLL BOOTH pre-premiere reception










Producer Engin "One-Man Army" Yeniduniya explains how his friends (a.k.a. the entire city of New York) will be at the opening of Global Lens 2012 and the U.S. premiere of TOLL BOOTH. With director Tolga Karacelik (right) and Santhosh Daniel, GFI Director of Programs @ the Consulate General of Turkey

Reception at the Consulate General of Turkey


Opening Night of Global Lens 2012--sold out!

Jytte Jensen, Curator, Department of Film, Museum of Modern Art (left), and Susan Weeks Coulter, Founder and Board Chair of The Global Film Initiative




T-minus 10 until curtain... And where's the director?

Ah, there's Tolga, taking a breather with GFI writer, Rob Avila (left)












Global Lens 2012 director Gustavo Pizzi (left) with the "Grandfather of Global Lens" (and fellow Brasilero), director Renato Falcao. With Clay Farland, MoMA Department of Film (right)

Performer Chicken Delicious, with Brazil on his mind, gets the party started






Consul General M. Levent Bilgen and GFI Director of Programs Santhosh Daniel @ MoMA, post-opening (center)






Global Lens 2012 Premiere Party @ Il Gattopardo


(l-r) Global Lens 2012: Tolga Karacelik, director of TOLL BOOTH, Oday Rasheed, director of QARANTINA and Gustavo Pizzi, director of CRAFT




Global Lens 2012!



And this is party number... Er, Lucky 13? Deuce? Are we still in New York?











Behind the madness, there is genius. From left to right, circa midtown Manhattan, is GFI: Santhosh Daniel, Director of Programs, Jeremy Quist, Global Lens Series Manager, Angelica Dongallo, Acquisitions and Granting, Hilary Lawson, Marketing and Publicity Manager, Emma Rae Lierley, Administration and Operations







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