“Basquing” in the Ambiance of Donostia

Reliving the days and nights of the San Sebastián International Film Festival


San Francisco -> Paris -> Bilbao -> San Sebastián is a trip that takes about 15 hours, if everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, if the first leg is delayed for any reason (it was) just add another 6 hours in the airport waiting room and make that trek a 21-hour marathon!

San Sebastián, a.k.a. Donostia, is a mid-sized human-scale city on the Basque Coast of Spain; a “beach town” with two pristine semi-circular beaches (playas) divided by the Urumea River that snakes its way through town, dividing the old city from the new.

Cocktails, San Sebastian style

Drinking white wine and eating pintxos (peen-choz) for lunch seems to be an inalienable worker’s right. Evening time (8pm-onward) brings the red wine and tapas that are often balanced on the top of a wine glass. Admittedly, I am not a “foodie” but I ate and drank more than my fair share of these terrific little concoctions.

Overall, a pretty city, terrific food, and a well-organized festival!

Susan Weeks Coulter attended the 59th San Sebastián International Film Festival (Cinema in Motion and Films in Progress), where she met with filmmakers, producers and sales agents regarding projects in development, and films seeking distribution and/or production funding. Click here for more information about the festival.

Saioa Riba, head of the Festival's Industry Club

Susan and Marcelo Gomes (director of Cinema, Aspirins & Vultures, Global Lens 2006) meeting for the first time!

A view of the Kursaal conference center, designed by Raphael Moneo

Film composer Enis Rotthoff (left) and Sandro Fiorin of FiGa Films

Fernanda del Nido of Tic Tac Productions (left) and Scottish journalist Bob Flynn


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