Asia Pacific Films and Global Lens Streaming!

Jeannette Hereniko’s online brainchild, Asia Pacific Films, launches with THOSE THREE and MY TEHRAN FOR SALE

Global Lens is finally online!  After more than a few years of keeping our most precious cargo in hiding from the world of streaming media, GFI is stepping into the next generation with an online presentation of Iranian films THOSE THREE and MY TEHRAN FOR SALE through the Honolulu-based, Asia Pacific Films!

What finally did the trick?

Education.  It was Asia Pacific Films’ heavy emphasis on academic presentations of independent Asian cinema that drew us to the company’s streaming video.  Of course, we’ve always had plans to break out completely into the online environment.  But we are taking small steps, if only to make sure that our first partners in this new technology share some of our mission objectives.

A scene from THOSE THREE

THOSE THREE and MY TEHRAN FOR SALE will be presented as part of Asia Pacific Films conference and online colloquium “Understanding Persian Culture Through Film,” which began in late-February and runs until the end of March—after which all films will be available through the company’s site for academic use.

Asia Pacific Films was launched in 2011 by Jeannette Hereniko, co-founder of NETPAC and Hawaii International Film Festival, and depending on who you talk to, the deal with GFI was either sealed over a full chicken in Pusan; while driving through a garlic field in California’s Central Valley; or via a teleconference in our San Francisco office (but we’ll never tell).

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