STREAMING NOW: Two Global Lens Favorites on Amazon Prime

Two Global Lens films are available for streaming on Amazon Prime: Wretched Lives, by Filipino actor and director Joel Lamangan, and In the Battlefields, by Lebanese filmmaker Danielle Arbid. Both films follow the difficult lives of young women living in dangerous times.

Vanessa (Assunta di Rossi), in Wretched Lives, struggles to provide for her troubled sister following the death of their mother, in politically-torn Manila. For Vanessa the struggle is to make ends meet and to protect her sister from threats that include men she can’t always trust and authorities that manipulate the poor with little regard for consequences.


Lina (Marianne Feghali) is a young girl just entering her teens in In the Battlefields. She lives with her family in Beirut, in the midst of Lebanon’s searing civil war. Her family shares the building where they live with relatives. Often afraid to step outside during the day, they huddle together in the basement at night while bombs explode in the streets around them. Desperate to escape the civil war among her relatives, Lina forms a dangerous friendship that leads her into the war outside.

Wretched Lives (Hubog), 2001, The Philippines. Directed by Joel Lamangan. In Tagalog and English, with subtitles in English, 102 minutes

In the Battlefields (Dans les champs de bataille – Maarek hob), 2004, Lebanon. Directed by Danielle Arbid. In Arabic, with subtitles in English, 90 minutes