GFI meets with filmmakers at CineMart

Shireen Seno

Shireen Seno (Philippines) pitched her film project, Nervous Translation

Deniz Gamze Erguven

Deniz Gamze Erguven of Turkey presented her project, Mustang

Board Chair Susan Weeks Coulter reports from Rotterdam that she has seen several promising film projects at CineMart.

CineMart provides an opportunity for filmmakers to pitch their projects to industry professionals interested in supporting promising films with financing. CineMart was the first such platform, and is held in conjunction with the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, which continues through this weekend. Watch this space for updates from Rotterdam!

Rajesh Jaia

Rajesh Jaia and Cedomir Kolar (India) presented their film project, Chingari (The Spark)

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yellow bag

The Global Film Initiative is happy to announce that Board Chair Susan Weeks Coulter will once again travel to Rotterdam’s CineMart, January 26th-29th, to meet with filmmakers with projects in progress.

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See you there!