GRANTING: Victor Viyuoh on Filmmaking in Cameroon

Victor Viyouh (right), director of Ninah's Dowry

Last year, GFI awarded Cameroonian director Victor Viyuoh a production grant to support completion of his film, Ninah’s Dowry. Such grants, as many of you know, are awarded twice a year to filmmakers who present us with unique cinematic visions of the world (or rather, their world). And since our founding, we have supported films that cover every kind of story one might imagine–from a behind the scenes look at Bollywood to films about wrestlers, politics, and, in Victor’s case, marriage in Cameroon.

However, as is often the situation, we sometimes find that the story behind the ‘vision’ is just as engaging as the film it produces–something Victor recently reminded us of after sending an email recounting the various difficulties he and his production crew faced while trying to film Ninah’s Dowry in Cameroon.

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Avast, ye! Gasparilla Film Festival and Global Lens 2011!

The [almost] end of winter marks the beginning of Global Lens in Florida! Arrrrr longtime partner, Gasparilla International Film Festival will be showing Global Lens 2011 throughout the spring (opening night film: STREET DAYS!) . The series first touched land here in 2008 and since then, has been helmed by Festival quartermaster, Charles Moore, who has worked annually with GFI to bring the series to Tampa (which, coincidentally is home to another famous event: Gasparilla Pirate Festival)

World Cinema Week 2011: Bring New and Award-winning World Cinema to Your Campus or Library this Spring!


WORLD CINEMA WEEK 2011 Sign up today to bring Global Lens films to your high school, college, university or library–March 31st deadline!

In celebration of World Cinema Week 2011 (April 11th-15th), the Global Film Initiative (GFI) is offering you an exclusive opportunity to bring award-winning films from our Global Lens film series to your campus or library this spring!

Global Lens is a critically acclaimed showcase of narrative feature film from Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, and World Cinema Week is an original screening program created by GFI to celebrate global culture and diversity through film.

All high schools, colleges, universities and public libraries are eligible to participate in this offer and signing up is easy (and free for all high schools!):

Download an application: high school or college, university and public libraries Choose films from Global Lens 2011 (now playing in theaters!) and/or our Preferred High School and Secondary Education list (all High School and Secondary Education titles are accompanied by film discussion guides—click here to view a sample!) Email, fax or mail your completed application to the Global Film Initiative

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NOW PLAYING: SHIRLEY ADAMS and the African Film Festival Traveling Series

It’s always nice to work with like-minded people. Such as the African Film Festival, New York (AFF), which for years has partnered with GFI to show Global Lens African selections in its Traveling Series.

This year, the Series features a standout from Global Lens 2010: South African tour-de-force, SHIRLEY ADAMS. The film is one of my many favorites from our 2010 series, in part because of its focus on mixed race populations of Cape Town (often underrepresented in South African film) and because it is helmed by a talented director with an unusual eye for intimacy and minimalism: Oliver Hermanus.

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LISTEN: Director Granaz Moussavi on filmmaking in Iran

Director Granaz Moussavi

Global Lens director, Granaz Moussavi, and Carter Long, Film Programmer at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston recently sat down with Emily Rooney at WGBH radio to talk about the director’s screening of MY TEHRAN FOR SALE (featured in Global Lens 2010) at the Museum, embattled director and colleague Mohammad Rasoulof, and how, despite popular belief, it is possible to make a film in Iran. Listen below!

We’ve Got Mail!

From simple packages tied with twine to florescent envelopes covered in flashy characters and graphics, the daily mail call is always full of surprises.

During each GFI granting cycle, our mailbox receives every form of postage and packaging imaginable, and each day, we send materials to venues, schools and journalists across the country. Luckily, GFI intern Angelica Dongallo makes sure everything comes in and goes out smoothly. Here, she highlights a few misadventures while shipping and handling at GFI and pays tribute to the timeless appeal of snail mail.

When I first started my internship at GFI, I had no idea what the difference was between first class and media mail. Or how you have to go to the post office to send a package if it weighs more than 13 ounces. Or how to calculate how much postage goes on different-sized packages.

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